Why support USAS?

  • Strength in numbers! Like labor unions, we’re stronger together. When we coordinate nationally, we can beat the multinational corporations that control our economy. But national coordination takes resources. 
  • We win. In our 16 year history, we’ve forced corporations and university administrators to make unprecedented concessions to students and workers in campaigns that span the globe. In 2009, we campaigned against Russell Athletic in the largest student-led boycott of a single corporation ever, with more than 100 schools cutting contracts with the company. And we’ve won countless other victories, from a living wage at Harvard in 2001 to an overwhelming union victory for campus workers at Northeastern last spring.
  • Keep the student-labor movement strong and independent. The best way to ensure a bright future for our movement is to come together to fund it from the grassroots, one supporter at a time.

What is my donation spent on?

  • Bringing students together. Every year, USAS holds a National Conference, regional Organizer Boot Camps, strategy convenings, campus trainings, and a Summer Retreat to bring students of different identities from all over the country together face to face. Your support helps to fund travel scholarships so that every student who wants to come has the opportunity.
  • Connecting workers and students in the struggle. From Paris to Nicaragua to Bangladesh, we send students all over the world to build bonds of solidarity. And in our campaigns, no one can tell workers’ stories better than workers themselves, which is why we organize transnational tours to bring workers to our campuses to speak out.
  • Building our organization and developing leaders. To expand and develop our network, to empower students across the country, and to strengthen our campaigns, we employ a staff of organizers, including three full-time national staff and a cohort of student Regional Organizers.

We came together in 1997 to form the only independent, entirely student-run organization that campaigns in solidarity with workers to fight corporate greed and win economic justice. To keep our student movement growing stronger, we must make a commitment to each other to build USAS. This is our movement – no one else will build it for us.