What Did Nike Just Do?

Today, students at over 30 colleges and Universities across the country are demanding their school take action against Nike. The global apparel giant announced to Universities that it is no longer allowing any of its factories to be monitored by the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Not only is this a blatant violation of our college and University codes of conduct, but this will have a devastating impact on garment workers across the globe who rely on the ability to communicate with the WRC when their basic rights are violated in the workplace.

What is Nike trying to hide in their factories? Add your name to demand Nike “Just Do the Right Thing” for their workers around the world.

If the WRC is refused access and the ability to inspect Nike’s supplier factories, we will have no way of knowing whether our schools’ college-logoed apparel is being made under sweatshop conditions. Nike is notorious for its labor violations, and therefore can’t be trusted to voluntarily monitor its own factories with any credibility. And more than that, workers need the ability to speak up when they are paid poverty wages, face violent union retaliation, or are refused safe factory conditions.

Nike just launched the biggest attack on its workers in 20 years. Sign the petition now to demand Nike maintain transparency about its working conditions.

We can’t allow Nike to turn back the clock on factory transparency and independent monitoring. We’ve held Nike accountable before and we’ll do it again. The choice is up to Nike now: either let the WRC in, or be forced off our campuses.

Nike, just do the right thing.


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