Call to Action: Tell H&M #WeNeed177 in Cambodia

All workers deserve a living wage! While we’re fighting for $15 across the U.S., Cambodian unions are leading a historic campaign to raise their federal minimum wage to $177/month. Many workers currently earn a mere $128/month producing for popular brands and retailers like H&M, the GAP, Zara and Walmart – but this is not enough.

Without a living wage, workers can’t afford to support themselves and their families. Workers often pass out on the job due to malnutrition, and don’t earn enough to afford basic healthcare. At the same time, the brands they’re producing for are bringing in extreme profits. Just last year, H&M earned over $10 billion in profit, but where is all that money going? With that kind of cash, there’s no question that brands like H&M should be prioritizing the health and safety of their workers by paying them a living wage.

Sign the petition to join the thousands of workers across Cambodia who are taking action for themselves and their families – workers need $177!

Together, fourteen Cambodian unions are calling for a global day of action on December 10th, International Human Rights Day. USAS members across the country will be joining the International Labor Rights Forum to demand H&M and Walmart listen to the needs of their workers by agreeing to pay more. From the U.S. to Cambodia, workers can’t wait any longer for a living wage.

What are you doing on International Human Rights Day?

Add your name to the petition

Sign up here to learn how you can take action at an H&M or Walmart near you on December 10th

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