Embroidery Workers Fight Back!

Have you ever seen baby clothes with your college logo sold in your bookstore? There is a good chance you may have Vive La Fete on your campus!

Well, those university emblems were hand-sewn by embroidery workers who have been robbed of over $1 million worth of wages. These women are called “home workers” because rather than sewing in a factory, they sew these pieces at home, largely after completely their other jobs and domestic duties. These women earn up to two dollars per piece despite the complexity of the embroidery and the 9-15 hours that it takes to make one piece. They often have their children help them complete orders on time.

After months of facing harassment of management, low pay, wage theft and more, women in El Salvador are fighting back.  And they are calling on USAS for support!

So we say, long live the workers!

If you go to the following universities and have Vive on campus, take action today! 

University of Alabama, Appalachian State University, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Emory University, University of Florida, University of Houston, Kennesaw State University, Lousiana State University, Michigan State University, Miami University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of Oklahoma,University of Mississippi, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Washington and Lee University, West Virginia University

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