22nd USAS National Convention! Register today!

This upcoming year Students Against Social Injustice (SASI) USAS Local 121 is hosting the 22nd United Students Against Sweatshops National Convention. Join us Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd at the University of Mississippi in Oxford to build power with students and workers from across the globe. Register below or follow the link here!

SASI has a history of fighting back against confederate iconography on our campus and across our state. SASI’s campaign in 2015 to take down the state flag had a ripple effect across the entire state, but there is still more work to be done.

The conversation about confederate iconography in public spaces has been given a growing national spotlight, with monuments being taken down all over the South, from New Orleans to Chapel Hill. SASI is continuing our fight to purge all confederate iconography from campus by demanding that Chancellor Vitter remove the Confederate statue, a predominant symbol of hate on campus.

The South is a historic site of organizing for the civil rights movement and the labor movement. As we are faced with growing attacks on both, it is crucial that we continue to unite our struggles in our fight for our collective liberation.

Join us at the University of Mississippi to show solidarity with our fight, build organizing skills to take on multinational corporations like Nike, and connect with student organizers and workers from across the world. Make sure to register ASAP!