USAS at the People’s Summit — Register Now!


What’s going to happen after election day? The People’s Summit this June 17-19 needs your help to answer that question. 

This year, shit’s gone down in the best way: we’ve seen unprecedented uprisings against police violence, everyday people proclaiming their support for socialism, and student workers across the country raising their voices to demand #15OnCampus. But on the flip side, the likely Republican nominee has been riling up racists, millions of workers can’t afford to support a family, and college presidents think it’s acceptable to punish students for exercising their right to free speech.

USAS members know that the fight doesn’t start or end with a presidential election. As students, we have strategic power over our corporate universities, and we know how to put our generation’s “potential” into practice. What is the role of our student movement within this historic political moment? How can we support and strengthen other fights in our communities, and how can community members have our backs?

At The People’s Summit, we’re going to meet with thousands of workers and allies to make a plan. Register now! 

We’re convening with groups like National Nurses United, the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and Democratic Socialists of America to strategize and collaborate in an unprecedented way.

Do you want to meet badass community organizers from your region, and make a joint plan to build people power in your city and state? This is where they’ll be!

Do you have ideas about how our riled up generation can take the reins and cause some serious mayhem? Then the People’s Summit needs your voice! 

Whether you’re a seasoned organizer or brand new, your ideas and talents are crucial to this Summit. 

We’ll see you in Chicago. Click here or head to for a discounted USAS member registration rate.


Where will I sleep? 

Wherever you’d like! There are many hotels located around McCormick Place, and you can reach out to email hidden; JavaScript is required for info on discounted hotel rates. If you’d like to *bring your own linens* and sleep with us in a college dormitory, please fill out the form below! The deadline to apply for this discounted housing is June 1. 

What’s the program? 

The People’s Summit site offers an up to date list of speakers, sessions, workshops, and events. Check back often because the program is growing and evolving as we speak!

What if I can’t afford to pay for my own travel? 

Lucky for you, we’ve got lots of options. If you can organize some friends to join you, or there’s already a contingent joining from your city, then you can hop on a Rally Bus.

Or, you can apply for a travel scholarship using the form below. Keep in mind that we have limited funds, and any fundraising you can do locally will help to make the Summit stronger.