Tell Ohio State: Stop the Sellout!

The Ohio State University is one of the largest public universities in the country. So what do we do when the administration tries to sell our campus away to corporations? We fight back.

OSU President Drake is attempting to sell important public resources to corporate greed through a massive privatization plan. First it was the parking lots, now its the energy systems, and we don’t know what he has planned next. We can’t let corporations take over our public university so they can drive down wages and threaten union jobs.

Ohio State USAS has been leading the fight to #StopTheSellout alongside the campus workers of CWA Local 4501. They have been campaigning for almost two years, and President Drake is still refusing to respect the needs of workers and students. Will you take action and support?

Call President Drake today!

(614) 292-2424


Hello, my name is ________. May I speak with President Drake? I have a message for him. Please let him know that I do not support Ohio State’s attempts to sell our energy to a private corporation. This plan will be detrimental to the workers on OSU’s campus. This deal is not in the interest of sustainability or transparency. The possibility of a fossil fuel corporation taking control of Ohio State’s energy systems is terrifying. President Drake, STOP THE SELLOUT.