Student Worker Organizing


As tuition sky-rockets, students are taking on enormous debt loads to attend college. At the same time, these institutions are paying students as little as $7.25/hour to provide crucial s032516_NYUervices on campus. This means students are both footing the bill and running the university on poverty wages– how does that add up? With over 70% of college students working to pay for their education and living expenses, we can’t afford to be silent any longer.

For nearly twenty years, USAS members have been fighting in solidarity with campus workers for living wages and better working conditions on our campuses. There have been major gains in working conditions for campus workers across the country, however, student workers have historically been excluded from these improvements. Universities have used student labor to undercut full-time positions, bust unions, and divide workers.

Student workers are fighting back. The USAS Student Worker Organizing Committee (SWOC) has formed to bring together student employees to take on major issues like poverty wages, job insecurity, sexual harrassment, and student debt. SWOC leaders are breaking the silence, sharing their stories, and building power with other student workers on campus to take back our universities.

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The USAS Student Worker Organizing Committee has launched a national campaign for $15 minimum wage for all campus employees, including student workers.

SWOC leaders are working alongside other campus employees, unions, and the wider community to bring a living wage to all campus workers. We know that we are stronger together: by recognizing that students are workers too, we can build a powerful student and labor movement that cuts across artificial barriers between staff, faculty, and students.

From coast to coast, we’re already winning big. USASers recently won $15 at the University of Washington Seattle and New York University, making these the first two universities in the country to offer a $15 minimum wage to student workers.

Updates in the Campaign

  • USAS at the People's Summit -- Register Now!

    What’s going to happen after election day? The People’s Summit this June 14-17 needs your help to answer that question. What is the role of our student movement within this historic political moment? How can we support and strengthen other fights in our communities, and how can community members have our backs?

  • Columbia Student Workers Win $15, Days After NYU!

    Student workers at Columbia University won their fight for $15, days after NYU student workers claimed the same victory. Similar campaigns are launching across the country. Who’s next?!

  • NYU Student Workers Win $15!

    VICTORY! Even as NYU’s tuition has risen to over $60,000, the third highest in the country, student wages have hovered barely above the state minimum. But now, NYU student workers have won $15 per hour.

  • #USAS2016 Conference Reportback

    We committed to fight privatization, hedge fund billionaires, and Nike. We launched a national campaign for #15onCampus. We took the streets! And more… #USASPittStop

  • Join us TODAY for the biggest strike yet for 15 and a union!

    TODAY, thousands of underpaid fast food workers are launching the largest nationwide Fight for $15 strike in history. And we’re bringing the fight back to our campuses – will you join us?