Start a New USAS Local at Your Campus

Where do I start?

So, you want to launch a garment worker solidarity, campus worker justice, or anti-Wall Street campaign on your campus? It’s going to take a grassroots student movement to do it. Here are some suggestions on organizing a new USAS local on your campus.

First Steps

  1. Contact a USAS organizer by filling out the interest form below. We’ll be in touch with you to talk through campaign ideas and help you make a plan!
  2. Talk to your friends and classmates and try to identify 2-3 others who will form the core of your new group.
  3. Identify an issue to work on, and start to design a campaign to address it. You’ll find it easier to recruit more students to your group if you have a plan!
  4. Use existing campus networks to draw more students into your group. Put out some initial information over email listservs and Facebook groups.
  5. Plan an information session or a mini teach-in. Spread the word using flyers, emails, Facebook, and most importantly, personal conversations. This might mean setting up a table in a high-traffic area and engaging students in conversations, circulating a petition, or making announcements in classes (class raps). Every time you talk to someone, try to get them to commit to attending your info session, and get their phone number so you can follow up!

Contact an Organizer