2014 Organizing Bootcamps

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On our campuses, administrators are continuing to raise tuition, but not wages. The corporatization of our campuses has been decreasing the quality of education and creating unsafe working conditions for workers both locally and abroad.

But none of this has stopped students and workers from standing up and fighting back.

From Bangladesh to Knoxville, workers and students are uniting to fight corporate power. During the course of our campaign, over 180 companies have signed onto the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. Meanwhile at home, escalating strikes by thousands of fast food workers have been demonstrating the power of organizing low wage workers collectively coast to coast. And right on our own campuses staff and faculty are standing together to fight for better working conditions.

Students across the country are joining the fight, launching campaigns to demand living wages, safe workplaces, and the freedom to join unions for our campus and garment workers. We’re demanding our universities take responsibility against Wall Street tunnel programs, like Teach for America, who are seeking to destroy our system of public education.

We have a big fight ahead of us which is why we have to educate, organize, and stand together.

So how can we make sure our organizing skills are in tip-top shape? This year, USAS is hosting six organizing Boot Camps to share the skills and strategies we’ll need to build an even stronger movement. Register for a Boot Camp near you now!

Join us, and together we’ll develop the skills we need to mobilize even more students, train new young organizers, and win campaigns for immigration justice, labor rights, education affordability and access, environmental justice, international solidarity, and more.

During the two-day student-run and student-organized Boot Camp we will:

  • Practice concrete organizing skills, including one-on-one conversations to move our peers from apathy to action.
  • Share ideas on how to build campaigns to win concrete victories and how to escalate with creative, effective actions.
  • Build a stronger, broader, more coordinated movement, developing plans that will lead to victory.
  • Learn how to get your message out loud and clear through mainstream and alternative media.
  • Strategize high-intensity direct action tactics with activists who have coordinated major actions on our campuses or in our communities.
  • Learn how students mobilized hundreds of their peers to take direct action.