Become an Affiliated USAS Local

USAS is a federation, composed of affiliated student groups on campuses across North America. We call these groups locals. For more on how national USAS functions, and how locals fit in, check out the USAS International Constitution.

Why Affiliate?

While you don’t have to be a USAS local to run USAS campaigns, becoming one gives you a voice and a vote on our future direction as an organization, helping us build a stronger and more sustainable student movement. As a member of a USAS local, you can:

  • Send voting representatives to the USAS Summer Retreat, where we discuss and decide important questions about strategy, new campaigns, and the future of our organization.
  • Run and vote for USAS’s elected leadership, the Coordinating Committee and the WRC Board Reps.
  • Apply for other positions within USAS, like Regional Organizer and Collective Liberation Co-Chair.

USAS Local Commitments

Your local should discuss the following commitments and make sure you all agree to uphold them:

  • Commit to the USAS International Constitution and ourĀ Mission, Vision and Organizing Philosophy.
  • At least two members of your local must maintain individual membership in national USAS.
  • Share local updates with the national network by regularly participating in campaign conference calls and email listservs, writing blog posts, and sharing photos.
  • USAS has some resources, which we share with locals when possible, however they are very limited and our locals are autonomous and self-sustaining. You should commit to local fundraising to build skills, strengthen relationships with allies, and develop a self-sustaining local.
  • Organize at least 2 actions during each school year on USAS campaigns other than your primary local campaign in response to national calls to action.

What’s Next?

After your group fills out the affiliation form below, here’s what happens:

  • You will be contacted by a member of USAS staff who can support you on campaign work and connect you with nearby locals.
  • In the tradition of labor and student unions, you’ll also be assigned a local number, which you can use to distinguish yourself from other locals and show your affiliation with USAS. For example, the local at UW-Madison is named SLAC, and they are local 1, so they can refer to themselves as “SLAC, USAS Local #1.”
  • You will be added to our national listservs where you can get weekly updates on campaigns happening around the country.
Any questions before you fill out the form? Contact a National Organizer.

Affiliation Form