Nike, Respect Garment Workers in Indonesia!

After fifty years of Nike building their empire on the backs of Indonesian garment workers, Nike is pulling all apparel production from the country. Over 30,000 garment workers sewing for OUR universities here in the U.S. are at risk of losing their livelihoods! The apparel industry is rife with sweatshop abuses, and the strongest way for workers to fight these abuses is to form a union. For decades, our union partners in Indonesia have fought for a voice at the table, steady work, and high pay. And now, Nike is simply shutting down the factories that have battled long and hard for workers’ rights. The majority of the workers sewing our apparel are women, and Nikes actions reflect a dangerous pattern of negligence to women in their supply chain.

Workers are fighting for their fair share, job security, and dignity. Join us.


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