Apply to Host a Local Roots Training!

For the second year, USAS Local Roots Trainings are coming to your campuses! LRTs are customized campaign trainings for USAS affiliated locals that will be catered to fit the specific campaign needs, campus climate, and strengths and weaknesses of each USAS group on a local level.

Click here to apply today to host a Local Roots Training on your own campus. 

Every Local Roots Training will look different based on each campus and campaign. You can choose to host a 4 hour training on a weeknight after classes end, or host a 6 hour training on a Saturday or Sunday

1-2 Local Roots Trainers will come to your campus to help facilitate– or you can join an online training for trainers and become a Local Roots Trainer to lead your own training!

In addition to an in depth strategy session and an organizing skills 101 training, choose from a series of workshops to strengthen your local campaign including:

  • Direct Action 101
  • Civil Disobedience & Legal Support
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Creative Actions
  • Press & Media
  • Collective Liberation
  • Turnout & Retention
  • Fundraising
  • How to Deal with Administration
  • Union Myth-Busting
  • Coalition Building
  • Leadership Development

Want to host a Local Roots Training for your campus? Apply today! The deadline for our first round of applications is August 25th, but our facilitators team will start the planning process on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply the better!


What do I need to do to host a Local Roots Training?

  1. Click here and fill out the application below by August 25th.
  2. If your group is accepted for the launch this fall, we will share resources and organizing guides to support the planning process. You and your local will be in charge of the following:
      • Outreach
      • Space reservation / logistics
      • Fundraising
      • Food (if you choose to feed people!)

Is there a fee to host a Local Roots Training?

Yes, there is a sliding scale fee of $500-$1000 to host, and there is a good chance you can actually get funding from your school to host your Local Roots Training! Upon applying, we will provide you with an honoraria How-To guide!

If you are unsure about getting funding from your school, still fill out the host application, and we will talk through options with you.

Q: How many people should we have at our Local Roots Training?

A: You can host the training for just your core organizing team, or choose to have it be a larger public event and do outreach to your larger campus community and use it as a coalition building event and/or recruitment tool!

Q: Who will facilitate the training?

A: 1-2 Local Roots Trainers will join as many trainings as possible. The Local Roots Trainer team is made up of student leaders and our full-time national organizers.

Unfortunately, due to limited funding and capacity in our first launch year, not every local that applies will be able to get an outside facilitator to join. In that case, leaders in your local can join an online training-for-trainers and facilitate a Local Roots Training on your own!

Q: Does my group have to be an official affiliate of USAS to host a Local Roots Training?

Yes, for more information on how to become an affiliate, click here.

Other questions? Email email hidden; JavaScript is required and we’ll be in touch!

Remember, the application deadline is August 25th– apply today!