USAS Leadership Positions Open Now! Apply Today

USAS is a unique organization in that we are entirely student-led by dedicated students just like us! If you are ready to take on more leadership and responsibility as a USAS member, check out the various opportunities to get more involved. More than ever, our organization must continue to grow and build power alongside workers. And to make that happen, we need dedicated leaders to keep us strong and nationally coordinated. Check out the various USAS leadership positions available and share with your local!

To apply, make a copy of or download the google doc listed after each position description. Download your completed application and send it to email hidden; JavaScript is required by May 11th at midnight in your time zone.


The Coordinating Committee is made up of seven student representatives elected by the USAS membership. The Coordinating Committee responsibilities include helping guide and strengthen the overall direction of the organization, oversee the national budget, hiring USAS staff, coordinating national conferences, approving endorsements, and supporting members. To ensure the CC is representative of our entire movement, the CC is made up of one representative from the International Solidarity Campaigns committee, Campus Worker Justice committee, as well as 2 people from the Collective Liberation committee, 2 at-large representatives, and a Regional Organizer representative. The Regional Organizer Representative is elected by their peers at a later date. Application here.


Regional Organizers are on the front-line, building new USAS locals in their cities/states, training students to become effective organizers and campaigners, and guiding existing USAS locals to make a greater impact. This is a training position and a huge opportunity to learn and grow. You’ll be trained and supervised by a member of USAS National Staff as you focus on 2-4 schools in your region to build a stronger student movement for worker rights. Regional Organizers earn $2500 a semester and are expected to work at least 10 hours a week. Application here.

Our five WRC Board Representatives are elected by the membership of USAS to lead on the Executive Board of the Worker Rights Consortium. The WRC was founded by USAS fifteen years ago to conduct inspections of labor conditions in factories that manufacture college-logoed apparel. The WRC Board Representatives work as a team, together with the ISC Coordinator, to drive USAS’s vision for solidarity with garment workers and represent USAS on this executive board. Active involvement in USAS’s international campaign work is required. Application here. 



The Caucus Chairs lead our work to build and strengthen important communities within USAS: the Working Class Caucus, Black Caucus, People of Color Caucus, First Gen/Immigrant, Queer Caucus, Trans and Non-Binary Caucus, Recovery Caucus, and Disability Caucus. Each Chair takes responsibility for supporting the leadership development of students, furthering CL on a national, regional and local scale, and supports the planning of caucuses at national conferences and gatherings. All Chairs work and learn together through the Collective Liberation committee. Application here.

If you have any questions, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required or contact any member of USAS National Staff. We are excited to strengthen our movement in the year ahead!