Join us TODAY for the biggest strike yet for 15 and a union!

By Haley Quinn, NYU Local 44

TODAY, thousands of underpaid fast food workers are launching the largest nationwide Fight for $15 strike in history. Our movement is growing — care providers, adjuncts, and retail workers are all joining fast food workers on the picket lines because they know a fight for a raise in the minimum wage means a better quality of life for all. I’ll be there with students from across New York City to remind workers that students have their backs.

Will you join us for the biggest fast food worker strike in history?

Since winning wage increases from Los Angeles to New York, the campaign for $15 and a union has only grown stronger. Now we’re ready to take this fight to our campuses. Just last month, USAS Local 99 at the University of Washington-Seattle won $15 for all campus workers, including over 5,000 student workers, making UW the first university in the country to have a $15/hour minimum wage for all campus employees! It’s time to spread this country-wide. Here at NYU, USAS Local 44 is demanding $15 for our own campus workers, including almost 6,000 student workers, because we can’t live on less.

The reality is corporate elites are doing everything they can to silence us and deny us the wages we deserve. 64 million Americans are still paid less than $15 an hour. Here at NYU, student workers are struggling to get by while taking on an increasing burden of student debt. We refuse to let our university exclude us and other campus workers from the right to a living wage.

Today there will be actions in over 500 cities, making it the biggest day of action for $15 and a union ever. Help us spread the word by sharing this graphic.

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And if you haven’t already, RSVP for a local action near you!

See you in the streets!