United Students Against Sweatshops
1155 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036

2014-2015 School Year

National Organizersemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Leewana Thomas – email hidden; JavaScript is required, (701) 238-6885
Morgan Currier – email hidden; JavaScript is required, (818) 642-5302
Julia Wang – email hidden; JavaScript is required, (952) 250-4609
Marcelle Grair - email hidden; JavaScript is required, (330) 671-8773

Coordinating Committeeemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Anna Barcy, Rutgers University, At-Large Representative
Caiden Elmer, American University, At-Large Representative
Michele Nyberg, University of Memphis, Campus Worker Justice Committee
Sarah Newell, University of Southern California, International Solidarity Campaigns Committee
Troy Neves, Northeastern University, Regional Organizer Representative
Karen Escobedo, University of Texas-Austin, Collective Liberation Representative

Regional Organizersemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Brittany Whitaker, Spelman College
Robert Naylor, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Troy Neves, Northeastern University
AJ James, University of Alabama
Johnson Pham, University of California- Riverside
Katie Plank, American University
Sam Son, Rutgers University
Chanelle Yang, University of Southern California
Deanna Nagle, Pennsylvania State University
Luke Gangler, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Arianna Feldman, Macalester College
Amanda Dal, University of Texas – Austin
Blake McGhghy, Harvard University
Dhruv Pathak, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Jeff Uehlinger, University of Illinois – Chicago
Megan Haugh, Michigan State University

Worker Rights Consortium Board Representativesemail hidden; JavaScript is required

Sarahi Soto, University of Texas – Austin
Lorelei Christie, University of Southern California
Mark Ortiz, University of Alabama
Nida Ahmed, Rutgers University
Maya Menlo, University of Michigan

Collective Liberation Caucus Co-Chairs

Jasmine Taylor, University of Tennessee – Knoxville, People of Color Caucus
Sokona Diallo, Northeastern University, People of Color Caucus
Elizabeth Morfin, University of California – Irvine, People of Color Caucus
Stephanie Leguichard, University of Virginia, Queer Caucus
Petro On, University of Texas – Austin, Queer Caucus
Hannah Roe, Rutgers University, Women’s Caucus
Ciara Malaugh, University of Alabama, Women’s Caucus
Brittany Whitaker, Spelman University, Women’s Caucus
Anna Thomas, University of Alabama, Mixed-Race Caucus
AJ James, University of Alabama, Working Class Caucus
Brandon Shaw, University of Memphis, Working Class Caucus
Lindsey Disler, Grand Valley State University, Working Class Caucus
Caiden Elmer, American University, Trans* Caucus
David Troy, American University, Trans* Caucus

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