Solidarity Campaigns

Unite with Nabisco Workers in the U.S and across the Globe!

USC BCTGMNabisco workers have been standing up for their rights, their jobs, and their communities in the face of pure corporate greed on the part of Mondelez International, multi-national corporate owner of Nabisco and exploiter of working people globally. In 2016, Nabisco/Mondelez outsourced production of Oreos and other popular Nabisco brands, eliminating 600 union jobs in Chicago and building a factory just across the Texas border in Salinas, Mexico, where they pay workers roughly $1 per hour. In our fight against the corporate race to the bottom, we are supporting the Nabisco workers fight by demanding our universities stop supporting this exploitative business model by no longer selling these products on our campuses! Learn more about how your campus can support Nabisco workers here and check out for more info!

 Fight for $15

We support Fast Food workers’ national campaign, which looks to raise wages in the industry to a living wage of $15/hour and garner the right to organize unions, in over 150 cities. Check out these photos from USASers walking picket lines with the workers!

Walmart Workers

We support Walmart workers’ efforts to form unions, from subcontracted warehouse workers and seafood suppliers to retail store employees around the country.