Solidarity Campaigns

Stop Staples!

Our postal service–and thoUSAS MEME copyusands of union living wage jobs–are under attack. The mega-corporation Staples is rolling out a plan to provide US Postal Service products and services directly in their stores. Time and time again, we’ve seen private companies attempt to take over our important public services. We see this for what it is: an underhanded attack on our neighborhood post offices and living wage jobs. Students across the country are uniting to let Staples know that the US Mail is NOT for Sale!
This March 24, students across the country will take action to stop Staples from privatizing our post office, and stripping basic rights from hundreds of thousands of postal workers. To learn more or get involved, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

 Fight for $15

We support Fast Food workers’ national campaign, which looks to raise wages in the industry to a living wage of $15/hour and garner the right to organize unions, in over 150 cities. Check out these photos from USASers walking picket lines with the workers!

Walmart Workers

We support Walmart workers’ efforts to form unions, from subcontracted warehouse workers and seafood suppliers to retail store employees around the country.