Solidarity Campaigns

Kick Wall Street Off Campus (KWOC)

The same Wall Street banks that crashed the economy are now prolonging the economic crisis and causing workers and their families unnecessary hardship by refusing to renegotiate the dangerous mortgages they peddled during the bubble to current market value. Our universities shouldn’t be doing business with reckless banks that are destroying our communities, so we’re demanding that our universities end their relationships with the bank responsible for the largest number of foreclosures in our local communities, unless they agree to renegotiate underwater mortgages to current market value.

Justice for T-Mobile Workers

Across the US, cell phone company T-Mobile operates call centers that have been described by workers as “electronic sweatshops.” That’s why we’re launching campaigns calling for an end to our universities’ ties with T-Mobile unless the company does the right thing and agrees to allow its workers to form a union free of management intimidation. Read more on our campaign page.

Walmart Workers

We support Walmart workers’ efforts to form unions, from subcontracted warehouse workers and seafood suppliers to retail store employees around the country.

Fast Food Forward / Fight for $15!

We support Fast Food workers’ national campaign, which looks to raise wages in the industry to a living wage of $15/hour and garner the right to organize unions, in over 150 cities. Check out these photos from USASers walking picket lines with the workers!