Solidarity Campaigns

No Sweatshop Pizza On Campus

USAS supports the Palermo Workers Union and their effort to win a union at Milwaukee-based Palermo Villa Inc, a major manufacturer of frozen pizza. The company has engaged in a vicious anti-union campaign against the workers, prompting the AFL-CIO to call a national boycott of Palermo products, including Kirkland frozen pizza sold at Costco stores. Several university campuses, including the University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa, hold lucrative licensing and sponsorship contracts with the company, obligating those institutions to promote sweatshop pizza on campus.

HEI Hotel Worker Solidarity

HEI Hotels & Resorts is the 7th largest hotel management company in the US. It’s also one of the fastest growing. The company, which owns more than forty hotels, has reached this size in just nine years. HEI buys hotels in order to turn them around and sell them again at a profit, using university endowment dollars to finance its cutthroat union-busting business model. USAS calls on our universities to divest from HEI, and to pledge not to make any investments in the company.


We support Walmart workers’ efforts to form unions, from subcontracted warehouse workers and seafood suppliers to retail store employees around the country.