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Garment Worker Solidarity


USAS is committed to organizing in solidarity with garment workers to fight sweatshop conditions such as poverty wages, forced overtime, sexual harassment, union busting, and health and safety violations in the global apparel industry

Since our organization was founded in 1997, USAS has identified the reckless business practices of apparel brands as the root cause of sweatshops. We also know that the only way to beat the brands and end sweatshop conditions is to help build a global labor movement that can take on the real bosses of the apparel industry on a transnational scale.

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USAS members march with Nike workers from Honduras in Portland, OR to demand the company pay over $2 million in legally mandated severance wages. May 2010.

Using our unique leverage as students attending colleges and universities with multimillion-dollar apparel programs, USAS has run campaigns on campuses across the country to force apparel brands to respect workers rights. First, we demanded that our universities tell brands to disclose the locations of the factories producing collegiate apparel; then we pushed universities to adopt labor codes of conduct that set minimum standards for collegiate apparel production; then we compelled our schools to affiliate with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), the only independent apparel monitoring organization.

Using all of these tools, USAS has waged strategic struggles alongside garment worker unions in the global South to demand that brands respect workers’ rights to living wages and safe working conditions, as well as the right to form democratic unions. Through international solidarity, USAS and workers have been able to achieve some of the anti-sweatshop movement’s landmark victories.


USAS members lead a delegation to the headquarters of The Children’s Place with Rana Plaza survivor, Mahinur Begum, and Kalpona Akter, Executive Director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity. May 2015.


In fall of 2013, United Students Against Sweatshops launched the “End Deathtraps” campaign in response to the massive worker safety crisis in the Bangladesh garment industry – a crisis that has killed at least 1,500 garment workers since 2012. The goal of this campaign is to force college-logo apparel brands to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord, a binding contract between apparel companies and global and Bangladeshi unions, signed by over 200 brands and retailers worldwide, that would require brands to take responsibility for safety in their subcontracted factories in a meaningful way to transform the garment industry from deathtraps to safe workplaces. Read more at


Currently, USAS members across the country are targeting Nike. The apparel giant recently announced it would no longer be allowing independent watchdog organizations like the Worker Rights Consortium to access or inspect any of its supplier factories. Nike sources from 680 factories concentrated in countries like Vietnam and China. Not only will this decision have a devastating impact on workers around the world, but this in is opposition to university codes of conduct. Nike can not be trusted to monitor working conditions in its own factories, especially as troubling labor violations continue to surface. In response, students are taking action on their campuses to demand Nike change its position on this important issue or lose its place on college and university campuses.

We need students like you! Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to learn how you can join our global fight today.

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