National Leadership

Formed in 1997, United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a grassroots organization of youth and students who believe that a powerful and dynamic labor movement will ensure greater justice for all people. We use our unique roles of students as consumers, workers, and members of the campus community to win victories that set precedents in the struggle for self-determination of working people everywhere, particularly campus workers and garment workers who make collegiate licensed apparel.

National Student Coordinating Committee (contact info)

Anna Barcy grew up in New Jersey, and she’s a junior at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey. She has been working with Rutgers USAS since her freshman year. She has worked on campaigns to cut contracts with RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, the Fair Labor Association, and Adidas. Last year, she worked as a Regional Organizer and this year she will serve as the Campus Worker Justice representative to the Coordinating Committee. Right now, she and fellow RUSASers are pressuring Rutgers admins to cut ties with T-Mobile to fight back against the company’s vicious union busting policies.

Martin Xavi Macias is a 4th year, studying Urban Planning at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Martin formed UIC Students Against Sweatshops after attending the Midwest Boot Camp in the Fall of 2012. The group joined (and pushed to rename) the Campus Worker and Student Coalition. Together, students and workers fought to attain a fair work contract for the Grad Employees Organization and will continue the fight for the rest of their campus workers. USAS also pressured UIC to cut ties with Adidas and carry Alta Gracia in their bookstore. Martin previously served as the Co-Chair for the People of Color Caucus on the Collective Liberation Committee. He loves: vegan food, his family, his partner and playing soccer with his team, the Mighty Mangoes – and supporting FC Barcelona! He identifies as a cisgender, working class person of the global majority (or POC) and is 24 years young. Martin is also a Regional Organizer.

Troy Neves is a second year Sociology and Political Science Major at Northeastern University. In the last year, Troy took part in successfully campaigning for Northeastern to cut their contract with Badidas. While he is relatively new to USAS, he looks forward to serving as  a Regional Organizer for the Northeast and collaborating to build student worker power!! Troy is a self-identifying mixed race, queer male. When he is not challenging the patriarchy (or maybe while he is), you can find him cooking, doing yoga, or hanging out with friends.


Karen Escobedo, University of Texas – Austin

Sarah Newell, University of Southern California

Michele Nyberg, University of Memphis

Caiden Elmer, American University


National Organizers (contact info)

Leewana Thomas, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Julia Wang, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Morgan Currier, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Marcelle Grair is a 2013 graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Pre-law and Secondary Education concentrations. In 2012, she became actively involved in the “Justice for School Workers” campaign which involved school workers, unions, and students across the state of Georgia fighting to get unemployment benefits reinstated for Georgia school workers. She joined USAS during her senior year at Spelman College, and became a Regional Organizer. During Marcelle‘s senior year she helped start a USAS chapter in the Atlanta University Center (Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College). Additionally, she worked closely with students on Agnes Scott’s campus, Atlanta Jobs With Justice, and Georgia school workers from the Atlanta University Center, Georgia State, and Emory University to organize events such as legislative days of action and the “March to Defend Unemployment Benefits.” After a year of strong organizing, Georgia school workers’ unemployment benefits were reinstated. Marcelle identifies as a woman of color, queer, part of the working class and is 22 years old.


Regional Organizers

Arianna Feldman is sophomore at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, although she is originally from Italy. She is an English, Creative Writing major with two minors in American Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is a member of Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus at Macalester and has been involved in many campaigns to fight corporate attacks on campus. Arianna is super excited to be a Women’s Caucus Co-Chair and can’t wait to empower women in the fight to hold multinational companies accountable. She identifies as a white heterosexual woman and is 20 years old.

Robert Naylor is a junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville where he is majoring in Global Studies. After winning a campaign to bring Alta Gracia to the campus bookstore in 2012, Robert moved on to fight for domestic partner benefits for UT workers and started up the Badidas campaign at Knoxville. This year he will be working in solidarity with United Campus Workers to fight for living wages throughout the University of Tennessee system. He feels honored to be working to build student and worker power across the Southeast. When not organizing, he enjoys reading, rewriting pop songs for social justice flashmobs, and secretly adding more whipped cream to his coffee when his friends aren’t watching. Robert identifies as a 20 year-old queer male.


Brittany Whitaker, Spelman University

AJ James, University of Alabama

Johnson Pham, University of California-Riverside

Katie Plank, American University

Sam Son, Rutgers University

Chanelle Yang, University of Southern California

Deanna Nagle, Pennsylvania State University

Luke Gangler, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amanda Dal, University of Texas-Austin

Blake McGhghy, Harvard University

Dhruv Pathak, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Jeff Uehlinger, University of Illinois-Chicago

Megan Haugh, Michigan State University

We are proud recipients of a grant from the Berger-Marks Foundation. Visit their site for news & information on women & organizing.


Collective Liberation Caucus Co-Chairs

Petro On is currently a junior at the University of Texas at Austin. Ze is studying Asian American Studies and has a minor is Biology. Ze is the co-chair for the People of Color Cacus. Ze has worked on international solidarity campaigns which include the Worker Rights Consortium. Ze is currently working on a Anti-Privatization and Outsourcing campaign at the University of Texas at Austin. Ze enjoys talking about social justice issues and hir understands that conversations about marginalized people are important to have. Hir also enjoys reading, playing tennis, and listening to poetry. You can always find hir yelling from hir’s lungs for the fight against capitalism, colonialism, racism, sexism, homophonia, classism, etc.


Jasmine Taylor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Sokona Diallo, Northeastern University

Elizabeth Morfin, University of California-Irvine

Stephanie Montenegro, University of Virginia

Hannah Roe, Rutgers University

Ciara Malaugh, University of Alabama

Brittany Whitaker, Spelman University

Anna Thomas, University of Alabama

AJ James, University of Alabama

Brandon Shaw, University of Memphis

Lindsey Disler, Grand Valley State University

Caiden Elmer, American University

David Troy, American University


Worker Rights Consortium Board Representatives

Mark Ortiz is a junior majoring in Biology and Sustainability Studies at the University of Alabama. Mark is new to USAS, just starting the Alabama affiliate, Students for Fair Labor, at the end of his sophomore year. After running a successful campaign to get Alta Gracia clothes in the school bookstore, Mark wanted to get more involved in USAS and the labor movement to help build a strong student and worker movement in the South. He is looking forward to serving as an RO this school and having the opportunity to strengthen solidarity in the South. When he is not organizing Mark enjoys listening to the experimental sounds of jazz fusion.


Maya Menlo is a lifelong metro-Detroiter and current junior at the University of Michigan, studying public policy and Arabic language.  She recently had the exhilarating opportunity to work on the victorious USAS campaign against Adidas, and is excited to continue organizing for international workers’ rights with the end death traps campaign. She is a travel enthusiast, a raging feminist, a dedicated co-oper, a spicy food fanatic, a lover of productive meetings, and a total nerd.


Sarahi Soto, 
University of Texas-Austin

Lorelei Christie, University of Southern California

Nida Ahmed, Rutgers University