National Leadership

Formed in 1997, United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a grassroots organization of youth and students who believe that a powerful and dynamic labor movement will ensure greater justice for all people. We use our unique roles of students as consumers, workers, and members of the campus community to win victories that set precedents in the struggle for self-determination of working people everywhere, particularly campus workers and garment workers who make collegiate licensed apparel.


National Student Coordinating Committee (contact info)

746E5DC9-3D90-40BB-AD22-FEF31A04FDC5Jada Young is a junior at Columbia University majoring in Urban Studies and specializing in Sociology with an intent of going to law school. Growing up in Virginia, she saw the connection between unjust working conditions and social inequality and knew that she wanted to do something to fight it. As a member of Student-Worker Solidarity (USAS Local 12), Jada has led a successful Fight for $15 campaign on campus. She has also been involved in solidarity campaigns with campus dining workers, adjuncts, and graduate students. As a former Regional Organizer, Jada looks forward to continuing to help build solidarity in the labor movement. When she’s not organizing, Jada can be found cooking meals with her housemates, traveling, or playing with dogs.


Andrea Flores became involved with United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) during freshman year at UT Austin and is now helping to lead the student-worker solidarity movement there. She works to expanusasd the base for the labor movement by establishing new campus chapters as well as provide training and leadership skills for new organizers from marginalized communities. She has also been working with Austin Socialist Collective who is leading the Fight For 15 effort in the Austin area.  She is focused on her own and others’ empowerment as women of color organizers and completely committed to her role in class struggle.  She will complete a BA in Psychology at University of Texas – Austin next year.


Sara Parolin is a third-year student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Sara was inspired to join

image1USAS in the autumn of 2014 and continues to help her chapter in their ongoing campaign against Nike. As a former Regional Organizer Sara has also facilitated bootcamps, organized local actions at REI and The Children’s Place, and attended both the 2015 and 2016 USAS National Conventions. As part of the Coordinating Committee Sara is excited to build leaders within USAS and strengthen the movement for workers’ rights.
Ciara Malaugh (she/her/hers) is a First-Gen -American living in the Deep Screen-Shot-2015-09-13-at-8.37.19-PMSouth state of AL. She goes to University of Alabama, where studies Political Science and (unofficially) Romance Languages. She was a member of the successful and historic WRC Affiliation campaign; has served as a CL Co-Chair, WRC Board Rep, and Regional Organizer; and has interned for UNITE HERE. She is passionate about community organizing and loves reconciling the most unlikely of allies in the process of combating injustice– after all, for everything to change, we need everybody. In her free time, you can find her journaling, baking, scrolling Facebook, dancing, and dreaming. She will be an At-Large Coordinating Committee Representatives and insists that you reach out to her with any questions or ideas that you may have.

Becky Fuller-Phillips is a junior at the University of Washington, Seattle, majoring in Informatics and 13613584_1112522318805103_4619044868679458562_o-Recoveredminoring in Labor Studies and Music. She joined USAS at UW in the Winter of 2014 and has played an active role in that UW USAS’s campaigns against Jansport, H&M, Nike, and the successful Fight For $15 for UW campus workers. Becky has also worked with other student and worker movements on campus, mainly over issues of racial and economic justice. She is excited to help develop leadership skills and student power within USAS both at UW and nationally. By earning a degree in Informatics, she hopes to use information science to bring new methods to organizing and social justice work in her future. In her free time, she is most likely playing trumpet, guitar, or behind a camera.

image (1)Alyssa Lieberman is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Politics and Philosophy and minoring in French and Global Studies. She joined USAS #31 at Pitt in the Spring of 2014  and has been hooked ever since. Alyssa helped to organize the 2016 USAS National Conference in Pittsburgh and has been active in campaigns to support faculty and graduate worker organizing efforts on campus and win $15 for Pitt for all workers on campus. She can’t wait to continue building community and student power through USAS, and will be serving as the Campus Worker Justice representative.



National Organizers (contact info)

Angeles Solis graduated from Whitworth University in 2013 where she studied Sociology and Political IMG_3014Peace Studies. Angeles founded USAS Local 50 in 2013 where their local led actions in the “Badidas” campaign, which eventually forced Adidas to pay millions in severance wages to garment workers in Indonesia. After graduating, Angeles worked as a union organizer for SEIU 775 where she organized fast food and retail workers in the Fight for $15. Following several citywide strikes, Seattle City Council approved a citywide wage increase. Not long after the victory, Angeles joined the Foundation for Healthy Generations as the statewide organizer mobilizing Community Health Workers (CHWs) & Promotores De Salud in professional development, advocacy efforts and the formation of a statewide CHW Association. In her free time, Angeles organizes with immigrant justice and racial equity efforts , attempts to cook, travels, and dances salsa. She identifies as a first generation U.S. Latina.


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 4.40.30 PMTroy Neves was born and raised in Connecticut before attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where he studied Cultural Anthropology and Sociology.  As a student at Northeastern, Troy joined the Progressive Student Alliance (USAS Local 115) in 2013 and participated in the ‘Badidas’ campaign that led to Northeastern successfully cutting ties with Adidas.  For the following two years, Troy was a Regional Organizer, building alongside students across the Greater Boston area and supporting adjunct faculty at Northeastern in their fight for a union and a fair contract.  In 2015, Troy interned with the California Nurses Association – National Nurses United in Oakland, CA, building student support for the Robin Hood Tax Campaign and organizing with the Campaign for a Healthy California.  Troy identifies as a queer, mixed race, and Arab American person.

Regional Organizers

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.39.42 PM

Dominique Scott (pronouns: she, her, hers) is a native of Dallas, TX, currently residing in Oxford, MS. Dominique is currently a third year student at the University of Mississippi majoring in African American Studies and Sociology with a minor in Gender and Women Studies. Dominique is a recent addition to the USAS family as she established Local 121 and is serving as a Regional Organizer fighting for living wages for campus employees. Dominique identifies as a working class womanist who enjoys long days of Netflix, DIY projects, and spreading light through spoken word.



Kerrina Williams is a Southern California native currently settled in Boston. There she attends Northeastern University as a second year History major. On campus she helps organize and lead workshops through her job at the Social Justice Resource Center while also supporting local Fight for $15 campaigns. She credits her mom for her passion as an organizer. She identifies as Black and Mexican with a love for her turtle, Bruce, documentaries, and reality game shows.



usas picSamantha May is a fourth year student at the University of South Florida where she majors in Political Science and International Studies and minors in Women’s and Gender Studies. Samantha has been interested in community organizing since high school and finally found her niche in 2015 as a founding member of USAS local #25, which is currently organizing a campaign to have USF affiliate with the WRC. When not dismantling the white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy, she enjoys baking vegan cupcakes and going to DIY punk shows. She identifies as a queer, working class woman. Samantha is excited to help #OrganizetheSouth this year!


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Jolai Michel is currently a junior at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology; her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. She has been affiliated with USAS since her sophomore year through her involvement in Students for Worker Justice (Local 63). During that year, SWJ worked tirelessly alongside contracted food service workers to negotiate and win a contract with Aramark that included access to affordable healthcare, a guaranteed 40-hour work week, immigrant language protection, and a living wage. When she finds free time, she chooses to dedicate it to giving back to herself in order to continue struggling with others. She is honored to hold the title of Regional Organizer and is looking forward to the change we can all make in the upcoming year.


image1 (1)Dagan Brown is a junior at Columbia University. He’s fueled by righteous anger and practical hope. He also spends a lot of time thinking about the future shortening of the workday. He’s excited about his chapter recently winning their campaign for a &15/hour minimum wage for student workers–but, at the same time, he knows there’s many more struggles to be won!




We are proud recipients of a grant from the Berger-Marks Foundation. Visit their site for news & information on women & organizing.

Collective Liberation Caucus Co-Chairs

IMG_1936Hey there! I’m Ashlyn Nuckols, a rising junior at Duke University and Colombian food enthusiast. I spend a lot of time talking/thinking about racial and economic justice, hominids (bonobos are my fav) and The Office. I also love Quentin Tarantino movies, stand up comedy and anything remotely related to Lin Manuel Miranda. I’m studying cultural anthropology and political science, and when I’m not in class or organizing a rally I’m usually working on documentary film projects (sometimes related to anthropology/politics and sometimes about aliens invading a high school…ok that last one may have been MOSTLY fiction).



David Swayne is a second-year student at the University of Alabama majoring in English and minoring in French. At UA, she is also involved with the Alabama International Relations Club, the Vegan Alliance, and other organizations. She identifies as neuroatypical, queer, and non-binary transgender, and she looks forward to her role as Trans/Nonbinary Co-Chair. For fun, she writes, reads, makes music, and taking care her plants.



Antolina Padua (pronouns: she, her, hers/they, them, theirs) is a junior at Rutgers University and a member of USAS Local#109. They are studying Communications with a specialization in Public Relations and are pursuing a minor in Critical Sexualities Studies. They joined USAS their sophomore year and has been working towards crushing Nike’s labor violations as well as bringing justice to workers overseas. They also intend on working closely with faculty, staff, and the student body to collectively liberate. In their downtime, Antolina is exercising or eating or doing both, or fighting the garment industries standards from the inside out. They are the caucus co-chair for the Mixed Race Caucus. They also identify as queer, a woman of color, as well as a funkadelic rebel-rouser for the revolution!


Madeleine Lewis is a senior at the University of Alabama. They joined USAS in Fall 2014, and have sinceIMG_8360 helped run a successful campaign to affiliate their university with the Workers Rights Consortium and served as a national leader on the Collective Liberation Committee. This past summer, Madeleine organized in New Orleans, Louisiana through UNITE HERE’s summer internship program Organizing Beyond Barriers. While not organizing, they practice film photography, try to keep their houseplants alive, and attempt to compose funny and sensitive tweets. Madeleine hopes to let their skills and experiences as a neuroatypical queer punk in the south to inform and strengthen their role as Queer Caucus Co-Chair. 


FD6551D2EAD14F66B7AC5A38A467503ELucid Thomas is a second year student at Grinnell College in Iowa. He is originally from Moorhead, MN, and comes from a family with a long history of political activism. He began Grinnell Students Against Sweatshops in his first year of college. He is an undecided major but is leaning towards sociology. He is always happy around dogs, and loves playing guitar and writing. He’s excited to be a co chair leader for the trans non-binary caucus and is looking forward to seeing new faces.





raiha bajwa (she/hers) is a senior studying journalism and women’s studies at the university of alabama. IMG_4237 (1)she got involved with usas during the wrc campaign on campus her sophomore year, and is particularly interested in matters of racial justice, immigrant rights, and economic justice. she is excited to be the women’s caucus co-chair this year and can’t wait to meet everyone. she likes melted kitkats, extensive road trips, b.j. novak, and attributing all her problems to colonialism. her dreams include one day doing a dissertation on the cultural significance of the kardashians.


Worker Rights Consortium Board Representatives

IMG_6543Kanisha DiCicco is a sophomore at the University of Alabama studying Political Science and minoring in French. She wants to attend law school after her Bachelors and specialize in international environmental law. In her free time she likes to spend way too much time looking at pictures of dogs online. She is super excited to serve as a WRC Board Representative and work alongside so many amazing people!


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 4.47.32 PM
Ana Jimenez is a junior at Cornell University majoring in Government and History and minoring in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality studies. She is from a predominately Latinx and working class community and identifies as a first generation student. She is currently a student organizer with the Cornell Organization for Labor Action (COLA) working on the Nike Campaign and a campaign to pressure Cornell to conduct an investigation through a third party monitoring system at Cornell’s satellite campus in Education City, Qatar. She is part of Cornell’s Licensing Oversight Committee and was a Union Summer intern with the AFL-CIO, where she spent a summer organizing carwash workers in New York City with the Retail Wholesale Department Store Union. This year she is Chairman of the Worker Rights Consortium Board and hopes to one day be a labor organizer!