Collective Liberation

“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free”
– Fannie Lou Hamer

Collective liberation means recognizing that all of our struggles are intimately connected, and that we must work together to create the kind of world we know is possible. We believe that every person is worthy of dignity and respect, and that within systems of oppression everyone suffers.

Collective Liberation is not just a value, but an action. When we work together across the barriers kept in place to divide us, we strengthen our organizing. When combined, our diverse identities and experiences give us the tools to dismantle systems of economic and social oppression, and to create a world in which all people are seen as fully human.

USAS’s Collective Liberation (CL) Committee

CL is at the core of USAS and how we organize. Our CL Committee works to develop strong and diverse leadership, and to educate and train our members on how to incorporate CL in to our organizing. The CL Committee is made up of leaders from each of our Caucuses, and other leaders who are passionate about incorporating CL in to USAS’s work.


  • Disability Caucus
  • Mixed-Race Caucus
  • People of Color Caucus
  • Queer Caucus
  • Transgender Caucus
  • Women’s Caucus
  • Working-Class Caucus

Why Collective Liberation in USAS?

CL arises out of the need for all — and especially marginalized — identities within our movement to feel included and empowered, and aims to meet this need by creating spaces where people of these identities lead their liberation themselves. By creating spaces where different experiences and struggles are acknowledged and accommodated, we can better bring people in our movement to work strategically together and lift above the barriers that stand between identities. These acknowledgments and accommodations are created and worked through in caucus spaces. Ultimately, CL aims to undo the hampering work of oppression within our movement so that we may defeat it outside of our movement.