TAKE ACTION: USAS unites with Nabisco workers worldwide!

Nabisco workers have been standing up for their rights, their jobs, and their communities in the face of corporate greed on the part of Mondelez International, the multinational corporate owner of Nabisco. Last year, Nabisco/Mondelez outsourced production of Oreos and other popular Nabisco brands, eliminating 600 union jobs in Chicago and building a factory just across the Texas border in Salinas, Mexico where they pay workers roughly $1 per hour. This is the prime example of the corporate race to the bottom that we are fighting against.

As a show of solidarity, USASers across the country are planning to submit resolutions and letters to university offices of procurement and university presidents. A sample resolution to your university office of procurement can be found here.

These procurement documents demand that the university stop supporting the Nabisco/Mondelez exploitative business model with its money. Instead the university should stop selling these products on campus and send this corporation a message that our universities will not support corporate greed and the race to the bottom.

If you have already hosted Nabisco workers on campus and submitted these documents, thank you for being so engaged in the fight! Please follow up with your university office of procurement and let them know that acknowledging the letter and resolution is not enough; we want action!

Please review the sample resolution here, make any edits or changes which your membership deems appropriate, and then submit to your university!

You can find more information about the Nabisco worker fight on Facebook at Nabisco 600 Workers – BCTGM, on Twitter @BCTGM_Nabisco, and online at fightforamericanjobs.org.

Let’s make it clear to our universities and companies like Mondelez that students will unite with workers against the race to the bottom!