Tell President McShane: We want justice for Fordham students!

Fordham University is a Jesuit institution in the Bronx, NY.  It is founded on the Jesuit values of justice and of cura personalis “care for the whole person”.  So what does it mean when student activists are brutalized by campus police and rather than met with care, are evicted off campus?

Fordham Students United, USAS Local 150  has organized alongside adjunct faculty fighting for a union and a voice at the table since 2015. Fordham is in a historical moment – and students are under threat from the administration for speaking out against the university’s union busting practices. Students and faculty have been campaigning for almost two years, and President Rev. Joseph McShane refuses to respect the needs of workers and students.

Last week, we marched across campus to demand an answer from President McShane in his office, and were met with assault from safety officers, evicted from campus, and now face disciplinary hearings.

Will you take action and support us?

Call President McShane today!



Hello, my name is ________. May I speak with President McShane? I have a message for him. Please let him know that I am outraged with the university’s response to students campaigning for the respect of their faculty. No student deserves to be met with physical force or banned from campus for peacefully demonstrating. The student charges should be dropped immediately and the university should issue an apology. Fordham is in a historical moment and people are watching. President McShane, reverse the actions of Dean Rodgers and stand on the right side of history.

Sign the petition here!fordham2

In solidarity,

Fordham Students United

USAS Local 150