Nike “Just Do the Right Thing” Worker Tour Media Round-Up

We’ve just wrapped up our our country-wide Nike “Just Do the Right Thing” speaking tour!

IMG_8575Noi Supalai, former union President and Nike factory worker from Thailand, just finished a 28-day speaking tour. Noi stopped at colleges and Universities from New York to Seattle to speak with students, faculty, University administrators, and labor allies about her experience manufacturing collegiate apparel and apparel for Nike. While working at the factory, Noi and her coworkers were refused wages for months, and leaders of her union were detained in a room to prevent them from organizing their fellow coworkers. Nike representatives said they would help, but never showed up to their meetings, and eventually pulled all their orders from the factory. Noi and her coworkers were eventually released and paid the wages they were owed only after intervention from the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC).

Noi doesn’t trust Nike to monitor labor conditions in its supplier factories, and neither should our schools! It’s time our Universities hold Nike accountable and demand the brand #JustDoTheRightThing for its workers. The choice is clear: let independent monitors in or be forced off our campuses.

Read more about the tour below:

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