VICTORY! Now, onward to #ReclaimOurSchools

Last November, I wrote about my experience with corporate “education reform” in my home city of Detroit — led by the Educational Achievement Authority. Since its creation in 2011, the EAA has laid off over 4,000 veteran teachers and used over 10,000 working-class students of color as guinea pigs for untested education software.

Today, I’m ecstatic to tell you that Eastern Michigan University USAS Local 734 has won the fight to end our university’s partnership with the racist Educational Achievement Authority. Over three years, we built relationships with EAA students, occupied our president’s office, and shut down 3 Board of Regents meetings. Now, without my university as its official licenser, the EAA is scheduled to be phased out by next year.

By organizing and winning against corporate education reformers, we’ve joined a national movement demanding locally controlled, fully funded schools. Will you join this movement?

Today, teachers, parents, and students from 500 schools in 30 cities are holding “walk-ins” to demand full and equitable funding for all public schools — and racial justice in our schools and communities. A “walk-in” is just what it sounds like: A school community “walking in” to their school together with signs, chants, songs, and solidarity. Can you add your name to show your support?

If you’re feeling inspired, share your support on social media with the hashtag #ReclaimOurSchools. Below this message are a few ideas of what you could post.

I’m thrilled that we’ve won this victory in Detroit, but the fight doesn’t stop here.


Will Daniels

Eastern Michigan University

USAS Local 734


Sample social media posts:

I support the movement to maintain community control over community schools! #ReclaimOurSchools

Keep billionaires out of our schools! @USAS supports walk-ins to build the schools every child deserves

.@USAS Local ## supports students, teachers, and parents walking in to demand fully-funded public schools for every child #ReclaimOurSchools