Stop Intimidation of Adjuncts at the MD Institute College of Art

At the Maryland Institute College of Art, the administration has launched an all out union-busting campaign against adjunct faculty who recently filed for a union election. President Fred Lazarus and department chairs have sent out numerous anti-union emails, held one-on-ones and captive audience meetings to try to intimidate faculty, and made adjunct faculty leaders fear for their future at MICA. When asked about the adjunct union, President Lazarus said “I would vote no.”

Send a message to President Lazarus and the MICA administration: stop trying to intimidate adjunct faculty and halt all union-busting activities! Fill out the form to the left to send your message.

In 2013, part-time faculty taught 45% of MICA’s credit hours, but received only 13% of total faculty compensation (less than 5% of the total compensation budget). Part time faculty compensation has not increased since 1999, despite regular cost-of-living adjustments, salary increases, and essential benefits delivered to administrators, staff, and full-time faculty. As students, we will not accept the administration using our tuition dollars to intimidate faculty as they fight for fair working conditions and quality education.

Email President Lazarus and ask him to halt all anti-union emails, phone calls, and captive audience meetings.

We know that adjunct faculty working conditions are students’ learning conditions, and that an adjunct faculty union will lead to higher quality education.