Time is Running Out for North Face/VF Corporation

Right now, students and workers are converging on the headquarters of VF Corporation — parent company of North Face, JanSport, and Vans — in Greensboro, NC. After two days of meeting with community members and students in Greensboro, we’re holding what is the first of many demonstrations to come at the company’s headquarters.

It’s become clear that the VF Corporation is an active opponent of real change in the Bangladeshi garment industry. At every turn, the company opposed and sought to undermine the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, a legally-binding contract between unions and brands designed to end deathtraps, promising greater protection for workers and a voice for unions in addressing deadly working conditions.

We’re here at the headquarters of VF Corporation to deliver a very simple message on behalf of students across the country and workers across Bangladesh: we won’t stop until we win.

Can we count on your support? Sign our warning letter to VF Corporation using the form to the left and let them know that you stand with us, and you won’t back down either.

Our time in Greensboro, North Carolina has been nothing short of incredible. We’ve spoken with faith leaders — firebrand organizers who stood on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement — who have pledged their support for Bangladeshi garment workers in their fight for justice, and student leaders who were outraged that a business in their community could compromise the sanctity of human life to turn a profit.

Not only is VF Corporation on trial in the Greensboro community, the company is also becoming an outcast in the world of college-logo apparel, and we won’t be sorry to see them go. 10 universities have already required their brands to sign the Bangladeshi Safety Accord, and more are on the verge of joining them.

Stand with Bangladeshi workers and send a message to VF Corporation that you won’t let the company play games with workers’ lives.