Students Pledge Support for UIC Faculty on Eve of Strike

Students at the University of Illinois-Chicago are proud to be a part of our campus community. Members of United Students Against Sweatshops Local 15 at UIC are driven by our goal of making UIC live up to its promise of making education accessible and to transform the world in positive ways. We are a student organization on campus that has mobilized students in support of justice for campus workers and garment workers. On the eve of a faculty strike on our campus, we believe its time to recognize solidarity as an important virtue for UIC and to remember the original mission of the university.

As you may have heard by now, our professors at UIC are going on a two-day strike from February 18th to 19th. After 16 months of attempting to negotiate a fair union contract the faculty, represented by UIC United Faculty Local 6456,  see no other option. Our faculty will be the first to say that the intention is never to hurt students or disrupt their education.

The university will not be shut down. Some classes will still be held and other critical operations on East/West campus will not be interrupted. Faculty, however, will be on STRIKE, picketing on the campus to show their dissatisfaction with the way that UIC administration has treated them. We need students to be right there with them to show our solidarity and voice our concerns, too!

UIC was built to provide a pathway to higher education for the working class communities of Chicago. However, the data shows otherwise. Since 2007, enrollment at UIC has increased by 13% while tenured faculty positions have decreased by 1%, all while tuition has increased by 25%. Enrollment for Black and Latino students has remained stagnant.

Use the form on the left to sign our petition to President Bob Easter, and we’ll also send you more information about how to support the strike on campus.

In solidarity,

Membership of United Students Against Sweatshops – Local 15

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