Students Converge on Gap Shareholder Meeting

Moments ago, USAS and Jobs with Justice members were arrested after blocking the entrance to Gap’s annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco while a crowd around them rallied to demand the company join the 38 brands — including H&M, PVH, and Abercrombie & Fitch — who have bowed to public pressure from USAS and others and signed the binding Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

Real action from Gap on fire and building safety is long overdue. The death toll of the Rana Plaza collapse now exceeds 1,100 garment workers, making it the deadliest industrial disaster in a manufacturing facility in recorded history. This also means that since 2005, more than 1,800 garment workers have died in factory fires and building collapses in Bangladesh alone. Gap’s refusal to sign onto a binding safety agreement since 2010 means that the company has the blood of these workers on its hands.

While students and community members take action outside the Gap shareholder meeting, send a message to Gap executives that they must sign the binding Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh now.

Rather than ensure the safety of its workers, Gap has been playing public relations games to undermine the accord. It has claimed that a binding agreement poses too much financial risk to the company within a “litigious” US legal system – a claim that US legal scholars have since debunked. Gap has joined Walmart as a ringleader of the “go it alone” approach to fire and building safety that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of workers.

Gap should know by now that USAS and our allies like the International Labor Rights Forum won’t stop until it makes a real commitment to the safety of its workers. We’ve campaigned to bring giant multinational brands like Russell Athletic, Nike, and Adidas to the table to negotiate landmark agreements with their workers, and the stakes are higher than ever for Gap to take responsibility for its workers.

Fill out the form on the left to send a message to Gap: not one more fallen worker.