Stop Walmart’s Sweatshop Deathtraps

Because of Walmart, over 100 workers at Tazreen are dead. When the Bangladesh factory burned down last month, Walmart denied any responsibility for the blaze, despite clear evidence of Walmart labels in the ruins.

Just a few days ago, evidence came to light that 5 out of 14 production lines in the factory were producing for Walmart. It shouldn’t be any surprise, then, that in 2011, Walmart explicitly rejected a fire safety program that would have saved these workers’ lives, saying the 10 cent per garment cost was not “financially feasible.”

As a student organization that has fought against sweatshops for over 15 years, we’ve seen a lot of awful things. But this is truly disturbing. That’s why we’re demanding Walmart sign the legally-binding Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement, pay compensation to family members of those who died equivalent to a lifetime lost pay, and pay survivors compensation based on lost earning ability and medical expenses.

Help us put a stop to Walmart’s stonewalling — tell them to implement a meaningful and legally binding fire safety program now.