Tell the Ohio State Board of Trustees to Rein In Gordon Gee

Gordon Gee, the president of Ohio State University, has spent more than $64,000 in public money on bow ties and bow tie-related paraphernalia.

President Gee recently told students: “I always do the right thing.” But the truth is that Gee has a track record of making terrible decisions, from privatizing parking services to spending scarce tax dollars on lavish parties, and he is poised to make another one, trying to force through a monopoly deal that will hand over control of the university’s apparel business to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • After angering the university community by slashing popular arts programs and spending millions on renovations for the presidential mansion, Gee was forced out as President of Brown University after only two years.
  • Then, as head of Vanderbilt University, he again abandoned office after revelations that he spent $6 million renovating the Chancellor’s official residence.
  • After returning to Ohio State, he became the highest paid public university president in the country, and rammed through a $483 million 50 year deal to privatize parking lots on campus over the objections of faculty and students.

Is this really the kind of leadership that OSU needs?

The OSU Board of Trustees are meeting today. Tell them to stop Gordon Gee from ramming through a monopoly apparel deal that’s bad for OSU, and bad for workers.