Celebrate 15 years of students fighting back – Join us in Wisconsin!

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/_Ze644_R18Q 550 320]

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This video is the product of the hard work of hundreds of students from 64 universities and colleges. We spent November sharpening our organizing skills we need to build a movement powerful enough to beat corporate greed. USAS activists organized four regional “Fight Back!”, bringing together students organizing around issues from undocumented students’ rights to fighting tuition hikes and demanding justice for workers and their unions.

Watch the video above to hear what students have to say about this moment, and the need for more young people to get serious about organizing.

What’s next? To celebrate a decade and a half of our nation-wide student movement, we’re hosting our 15th Anniversary National Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, on February 17 and 18 — exactly one year after students and workers inspired the world when they occupied the state capitol. Register now and help spread the word by sharing the video on Facebook.

In solidarity,

Teresa Cheng
International Campaigns Coordinator
United Students Against Sweatshops