Tulane students are sitting in for worker rights- Take Action!

Just moments ago, I and other students began to occupy the President’s office at Tulane University. For over a year and a half, students and workers have organized together in a campaign for living wages and fair working conditions here on the Tulane campus in New Orleans. We believe the time is now to urge the University to reconsider their contract with Sodexo in response to overwhelming evidence of the billionaire corporation’s human rights violations and worker mistreatment locally and globally.


Take a minute to show your solidarity with students and workers and email President Scott Cowen, then call his office at 504-865-5201 to demand that the University stop doing business with Sodexo.

Here’s what you can say:

Hi, my name is [name] and I’m from [college/university/affiliate]. I am calling to voice my concern that the University is contracting with Sodexo, a company notorious for its abuse of workers on both Tulane’s campus and also worldwide. I urge you to end your contract with Sodexo immediately, and to pay living wages and raise labor standards for subcontracted workers at Tulane.

Tulane’s students and workers have been uniting for living wages and respect on the job for over a year and a half, and we cannot afford to wait any longer for members of the Tulane community to be able to pay their rent while giving their children a healthy meal; feel safe to speak out about mistreatment on the job; and be given the respect and dignity they deserve, as human beings, as friends, and as members of the Tulane Community.

E-mail and Call President Cowen at 504-865-5201 and demand that the University finally end its contract with global human rights abuser Sodexo Corporation.

For updates throughout the day from Tulane University and other student actions, keep checking the USAS Facebook page. For more on student campaigns across the country against Sodexo, check out Kick Out Sodexo.


Keavy McFadden
Tulane Political Action Committee
USAS: organizing for student and worker power