Details of the Historic Victory by Honduran Factory Workers

usas-banner2-closeup_target-picket-summer-2009washington-dcThe factory workers of Jerzees de Honduras and their union SITRAJERZEESH reached an unprecedented settlement with Russell Athletic after United Students Against Sweatshops waged the largest boycott in the history of modern student activism. Details include:

  • The factory will be reopened in Choloma and be renamed Jerzees Nuevo Dia (New Day).
  • Russell will immediately recognize the union of Jerzees de Honduras workers, SITRAJERZEESH, and has committed to collectively bargaining in good faith.
  • Russell will rehire all 1200 former Jerzees de Honduras workers, either at Jerzees Nuevo Dia or other Russell facilities.
  • The company has also agreed to a policy of non-interference and union neutrality in all Russell and Fruit of the Loom facilities in Honduras and will work with the Honduran union federation the Centro General de Trabajadores to provide access to organizers and educate employees on their right to freedom of association.

You can read the announcement by the union and the company here.