Organize and Fight Back! 2015 Regional Trainings

Register now for an Organizing Training near you, and gain the skills to fight back!

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Calling all students, alumni, and allies!

We’ve got three exciting events coming up for all generations of USASers and every supporter great or small!

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We did it! Rana Plaza Fund reaches $30 million goal

Roughly two years following the now infamous Rana Plaza factory collapse, a fund established for victims and their families has finally been filled.

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Garment Worker Solidarity

  • Two decades after overseas sweatshop conditions first hit national headlines, garment factory conditions have become worse than ever. In Bangladesh, an industry of deathtrap factories endangers thousands of workers every day as greedy companies like VF Corporation refuse to take responsibility for safety in their factories.
  • Using our unique leverage as students attending universities with multi-million dollar apparel programs, USAS holds apparel brands like VF responsible for their subcontracted workers, forcing them to respect workers' basic rights to fair wages, decent working conditions, and a union.
  • Visit NorthFaceDeathtraps.com to learn more about our campaign in solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers.

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Campus Worker Justice

  • It’s no secret that workers across the U.S. are constantly struggling to get by. It’s also not a secret that the bosses who control the workplace have the money and power to improve the lives of millions of workers.
  • Thousands of workers at our universities who clean our dorms, feed us in our dining halls, and keep us safe on our campuses are living in poverty, subject to harsh retaliation if they speak out or try to form a union.
  • USAS stands with campus workers in their struggles to win better conditions, wage increases, healthcare benefits, and a union. The fight continues, from Santa Clara University in California to the University of Miami in Florida.

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Education Justice

  • Public education is under attack. Corporate-backed behemoths like Walmart and Gap are pouring millions into manufacturing a new pro-corporate education reform consensus in city halls, and on our campuses, propping up groups like Teach for America.
  • Their goal? To privatize our public education system, turning over a major public good into private hands -- in the process, demonizing teachers and their unions.
  • We’re launching groundbreaking campaigns to cut ties between our universities and Teach for America unless they agree to agree to better their training and onlywork in areas with teacher shortages.

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USAS also supports T-mobile workers, Walmart workers, and more. Check out our solidarity campaigns »