Students kept busy at USAS Summer Convention

As USAS students gear up for another year of fighting corporate greed on our campuses and around the globe, it’s a great time to reflect on the work some students kept busy with at our Summer Convention.

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Rana Plaza Action

After Rana Plaza: Setting the Record Straight on the Bangladesh Safety Accord

Setting the record straight on the Bangladesh Safety Accord — and the potential to put an end to mass fatalities in the Bangladeshi garment industry.

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VICTORY: UT Austin Cuts Ties With Accenture, Scales Back Job Cutting Plan

UT has cut ties with global outsourcing firm Accenture, and significantly scaled back the “shared services” plan in response to campus protests.

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Garment Worker Solidarity

  • Two decades after overseas sweatshop conditions first hit national headlines, garment factory conditions have become worse than ever. In Bangladesh, an industry of deathtrap factories endangers thousands of workers every day as greedy companies like VF Corporation refuse to take responsibility for safety in their factories.
  • Using our unique leverage as students attending universities with multi-million dollar apparel programs, USAS holds apparel brands like VF responsible for their subcontracted workers, forcing them to respect workers' basic rights to fair wages, decent working conditions, and a union.
  • Visit NorthFaceDeathtraps.com to learn more about our campaign in solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers.

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Campus Worker Justice

  • It’s no secret that workers across the U.S. are constantly struggling to get by. It’s also not a secret that the bosses who control the workplace have the money and power to improve the lives of millions of workers.
  • Thousands of workers at our universities who clean our dorms, feed us in our dining halls, and keep us safe on our campuses are living in poverty, subject to harsh retaliation if they speak out or try to form a union.
  • USAS stands with campus workers in their struggles to win better conditions, wage increases, healthcare benefits, and a union. The fight continues, from Santa Clara University in California to the University of Miami in Florida.

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Kick Wall Street Off Campus

  • Wall Street banks are raking in record profits, even as homeowners, communities and local economies are destroyed by their policies. One in three homes in the United States is worth less than the mortgage taken out to pay for it.
  • Meanwhile, our universities have lucrative relationships with these very same banks, granting them millions of dollars in institutional business and preferential access to sell to students.
  • We’re launching groundbreaking campaigns to cut ties between our universities and Wall Street banks unless they agree to agree to renegotiate underwater mortgages to current market value.

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